DEADLINE 15th of JUNE 23:59

Ung Nordisk Musik is an annual festival for young composers, sound artists, and performance artists based in any of the Nordic countries. In 2021 the festival takes place on 16-22/8 in Aarhus, Denmark. Since its beginning in 1946, UNM has been an important window for young, nordic music. UNM Denmark wants to present a cross-section of the vibrant and varied music scene in Denmark.

The theme of the 2021 festival, (un)common ground, suggests both the mutually understood and the rarefied. It encompasses the geographic notion of the nordic region as a shared space amongst the festival’s participants without treating them as a monolithic group, but may also point towards ways of using the public/private local venues in which the festival’s events occur. The common ground is communicative while the uncommon ground is alienating. The common ground implies a sense of equality amongst individuals while the uncommon ground acknowledges the asymmetry of power. In choosing this theme we hope to push composers/sound artists/performers into submitting work that could be easily comprehensible and/or recognizably unusual. The large number of possible interpretations should give artists the freedom to exploit the theme’s vagueness and solicit a diverse array of responses that will help us understand what exactly is our (un)common ground.


There is no stylistic criteria. Experimental, instrumental, electronic, installation, multimedia, performance-based works, etc., will all be taken into consideration.

UNM will book everything needed for the performance of the selected works – the performers, the spaces and technical equipment – based on the works themselves. The largest possible ensemble is an augmented sinfonietta (full orchestra works will not be considered).

An independent jury of 3 professional practitioners within music will select a total of 7 works. The jury for the Swedish selection was chosen in an open meeting on the 3rd of May 2020. The identities of the jury members will be revealed along with the 7 chosen works in October 2020.


Note: UNM has implemented a gender quota. The decision to introduce some form of quota was made jointly by the five nordic UNM boards, with the details for each respective country up to each board. Given the overrepresentation of cis-male composers and creators within the field, we wish to work towards a more equal music life. This is not necessarily a permanent action, but at the very least an effort to change the nature of who is represented and where.

For the Swedish Call for Works, the quota will be applied as follows: the traditionally overrepresented group (cis-males) may constitute a maximum of 50% of the selected works over time. This is achieved by the following criterias: A given year, a maximum of 4 works by male composers may be programmed at the festival. 4 works by cis-male composers may not be programmed two years in a row (3 of the works being programmed the second year, instead). For comments, thoughts and questions regarding this, contact us at



1. People born 1991 or later are eligible for applying. If you are not a Swedish citizen, you should be residing, studying or having a considerable amount of your artistic practice in Sweden.

2. A maximum of two works may be entered per applicant. Please note that only one of the applicant’s submitted works can be selected for the festival.

3. Any applicant may participate in a maximum of five UNM-festivals, irrespective of what country the applicant is representing.

4. Any applicant selected to represent Sweden at last year’s festival (UNM 2020), may not apply for this year (but may apply in the future).

5. If you, for any reason, are eligible to apply for UNM in another country than Sweden, you may apply in only one of the countries. If it is discovered that an applicant has applied in two countries for the same festival, the applicant will be disqualified.

6. All submitted material should be completely anonymous – the applicant’s real name cannot appear, nor information such as commissions, premiere performance, musicians, etc.. However, the title of the work must appear clearly on all material.

  • Please note that if you include a sound file, it cannot contain any of the above information. Remember to change metadata using for example iTunes or Windows Media Player if necessary.

7. For each work submitted, a Google Drive folder must be created containing either both or any one of the below:

  • Score or graphical representation or description of the work (where applicable)
  • Recording or audio file or video of the work (where applicable/available). Please use compressed formats (eg. MP3 for audio) for media. Avoid .WAV and .AIFF formats.

8. This Google Drive folder should then be shared to

9. It is possible to apply with installations, sound art works, performance works, proposals for works/sketches et cetera. If you are unsure how to best present your work, or have any other questions, please contact UNM for more information at

10. Incomplete, non-anonymous or applications submitted after the deadline on 15th of June 23:59 cannot be considered.

To apply to the festival, share one or two Google Drive folders with (as per above) and fill out the following form by clicking here

If you do not have a Google account, or are unsure how to share a Google Drive folder, refer to

Only the Swedish UNM organization will have access to your information. The jury only receives the works themselves.

We look forward to your applications!